Posted by: kalmeida317 | November 22, 2010

Bring on the Learning Revolution

“Conformity” is the theory being preached on a global scale in this era. Standardized thoughts, homogenous products and unprecedented regularity are the proposed ingredients of success, as educators teach us the value of precision, corporations drill in the virtues of profit maximization and the media reflects an agenda endorsed by the upper echelons of the status quo.

 In a 2008 interview with Business Week, A.G Lafley, CEO of Proctor and Gamble was quoted saying “Business schools tend to focus on inductive thinking (based on directly observable facts) and deductive thinking (logic and analysis, typically based on past evidence)”. Now while the value of tangible facts and historic teachings cannot be undermined there is no evidence to suggest that such methods are the superior in order to achieve success. My issue with the current paradigm is that it creates barriers, forces people to join batches and makes every effort to eliminate diversity in thought. The world spends more time stigmatizing mistakes than it does learning from mistakes and consequently there is a severe lack of originality.

 Human resourcefulness is being packaged, measured, weighed and then sold to the masses. Human ingenuity is becoming a limited commodity that is soon going to become endangered unless there is a mass revolution that establishes a change in the fundamentals of modern day education.


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